Azkuna Zentroa ha puesto en marcha un Proyecto Programa para el periodo 2019-2023. Un planteamiento de gestión donde las personas junto con el contexto artístico están en el centro de todas nuestras acciones.

The many topics dealt with in the exhibition are grouped in seven key areas: #GenealogyOfCode, #Encoding, #MachineLearning, #AlgorithmicGovernance, #Labor&Production, #AlgorithmicEconomy, and #GeneticCode. A distinguishing feature of the exhibition is that the artworks are not physically grouped according to themes. The overarching topics are presented as title hashtags together with other hashtags associated with these titles. This allows you to draw connections among the different themes. This hashtag system is similar to how hashtags are used in the media, and thus represents for the open, flowing, and dynamic connections between themes that is so characteristic of our networked world.

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