Gutun Zuria Bilbao. Bilbao International Literature Festival is a meeting point revolving around literature.

A blank cheque handed to local and international authors every year, where they develop, expound upon and contrast their thoughts with the communities of publics in the form of conferences, roundtables and debates. Gutun Zuria Bilbao brings together new territories of ideas, changing social dimensions, and the evolved paradigms of images, manners and times. Dozens of authors travel through this festival every year from the word, essay, publication, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, journalism, research, visual or live arts.

This event is a benchmark given its specific focus, which places the word as part and parcel of the artistic system in dialogue with other disciplines and formats, where the word transcends, goes beyond the frontier of book pages, to manifest itself through image, music and contemporary practices. An annual event which proposes new artistic perspectives regarding literature and new literary perspectives regarding art.

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