The new season of courses at the Physical Activity Centre with all kinds of activities designed to cover all ages and possible times starts on 1st October.

You can pre-register for these activities online or at the PAC desk. Anyone interested in these courses can choose between 1 and 5 options on the Earth and Water courses maximum. These can be 5 different activities, including the learning courses or the same activity at different times always stating order of priority.

There will be 2 draws on 20th September (one for members and the other for non-members) to assign places, including the water learning courses, where this year there will be no level testing. This process respects the order of preference of applications assigning places via successive rounds. Lists will be posted the same day on the web.

A new registration period will open on 20th September for the vacant places, from 00:00am on and from 8:00am at the Physical Activity Centre desk.

Download the activities leaflet here.

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