TRACTORA KOOP. E. is an artists’ co-operative founded in 2013 by Marc Vives, Vicente Vázquez, Ainara Elgoibar and Usue Arrieta to formalise the collaboration relationship extant among its members. During this time, it has grown as a support body for the conception, production and distribution of its members’ artistic projects likewise those of third parties with whom the co-operative members share interests, affections and concerns. Some artists have even become a part of its structure, like Nader Koochaki, who joined the team in 2018.

Tractora´s productions have been performed at Fundació Tàpies, Fundació Miró, Macba, Artium, Musac, San Telmo Museoa, Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, Tabakalera, CGAC, COAVN, Carreras Múgica, REDCAT Los Angeles, Caixa Fórum, La Capella Barcelona, CA2M and Anthology Film Archives. Their audiovisual production has been programmed in film and documentary festivals, such as Cinéma du Réél Paris, Open City Documentary Festival London, Seville European Film Festival, Xixón International Film Festival, Viewpoint International Documentary Film Festival, Curtocircuito, Las Palmas International Film Festival, Ourense International Film Festival, Donostia International Film Festival, Mar de Plata International Film Festival, ZINEBI; and stage arts festivals such as BAD, Secció Irregular, and Escenas do Cambio, among others. The reflection derived from said productions has been published in journals such as Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, El Estado Mental, Journal of Artistic Research, Sobrelab and Aldiri Arkitektura eta Abar.

Since 2016, Tractora´s activity has expanded to the production of collective projects with the participation of its different members, as yet another step in this internal reflection which the team has carried out in relation to art work, production media, social function and contemporary art artist praxis. The publisher -zko and KINU itself are examples of this.

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