Sra Polaroiska is made up by Alaitz Arenzana and Maria Ibarretxe, as AZ associated artists from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020.

Alaitz Arenzana and Maria Ibarretxe are the creators of Sra. Polaroiska. Alaitz Arenzana earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Audiovisual Communication. From her early works as an artist, she made it clear that her path would be tied to research and creation processes closer to the art world as opposed to the more industrial interests of image. At the same time, she produces documentary films, advertising and television programmes. María Ibarretxe earned a Graduate Diploma in Dramatic Art and comes from the world of artistic creativity, stage creation, and performing arts. She also works as a dancer and actress in various companies. Their collaboration has entailed the permeability of both these worlds in a middle ground. Both are also members of the RUEMANIAK Collective, which focuses on dance and performing arts research.

The Sra. Polaroiska audiovisual work is focused on action art, performing arts, stage and choreographic creation. Its work is based on the search for other spaces and languages, where the body and its relationship with the space it occupies is always the main character, avoiding conventional narrative structures and closed concepts for the spectators. Its intentionally ambiguous works play with the body associated roles, destabilising the observer’s gaze and forcing him/her to position himself/herself in what he/she is seeing. The spectator is completely immersed in the world created by Sra. Polaroiska. Yet it is a space which is open to multiple interpretations, as many as the number of gazes of the people who observe what happens on the screen.

Winners of the 2017 Gure Artea Award in recognition of their creative activity, their performing arts, stage and audiovisual performances have been exhibited in numerous Art Centres and International Festivals, Artium Museum, Reina Sofía Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Stockholm Cervantes Institute, Manchester, Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema, La Casa Encendida, and Fundación Bilbao Arte, among others.

Through the AZ Kideak – Artistas asociad@s a Az programme, Sra. Polaroiska has continued its creative process as regards the creation of references and the empowerment of older women. To this end, it has developed an expanded and intergenerational programme regarding the pieces it is working on with the intention of making visible and questioning the system of beliefs, both aesthetic as well as behavioural, associated with age. In June 2019, through the No hay edad para el ritmo performance installation, it presented a device in which people of all ages were invited to enjoy a collective, family and intergenerational dance, also projecting their latest audiovisual work “No hay nada más moderno que envejecer”.

Furthermore, Sra Polaroiska has launched the Consejo de sabias project, a series of six meetings with older women and professionals from different fields, a proposal to gather and share wisdom.

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