José Ramón Ais was Artistic Practices Resident 2018, programme carried out in collaboration with ‘Artista x Artista’ at Estudio Carlos Garaicoa in La Habana. In 2021, the artist participates in Prototipoak, International Meeting of New Artistic Forms.

José Ramón Ais. Graduated in Fine Arts at UPV/EHU, he also studied landscape gardening at the Basque Government rural school. His project involves the creation of a photographic series that reflects on the construction processes of Cuban imaginarium and landscape, taking as a reference historical facts, uses and exploitation of natural resources, socio-political changes, and above all, daily uses and the emotional relationship of people with nature. In his work processes, photography and image post-production techniques, field work, historical research, as well as the cultivation and observation of the species with which he works, merge.

He has participated in exhibitions such as Tratado de Paz in the Didam of Bayona, curated by Pedro G. Romero; Nada temas dice ella at the National Sculpture Museum of Valladolid, curated by Rosa Martínez; Natural pas natural in the Frac Corse, PhotoEspaña; or the individual exhibition Parque natural in the Botanical Garden of Madrid. He has carried out several artistic residencies as Artist x Artist in La Habana, at Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao or ART OMI in New York.

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