Iker Vázquez develops the project "Az Reality Lab" within the framework of Babestu, announcement extraordinary support for the contemporary creation of Azkuna Zentroa.

IKER VÁZQUEZ: Artist, researcher, designer, programmer and knowmad, he is above all a creator who works on projects that connect the past and the present through search and collection, developing processes and devices that combine analog and digital, and talking about the global from a local perspective. His works and projects arise from the conception of art as a tool for questioning and experimentation. In an imaginary map of disciplines, his processes place him on the symbolic lines that represent the limit between them, diluting and expanding their borders to deal with the themes and concepts that make up his works, especially the time and space we live in. In recent years, he has focused on ephemeral installations in public space using different techniques and experimental methodologies, such as photoluminescent paint, creating urban games, changing the usual uses of advertising elements and seeking connections with local agents to develop participatory projects.

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