Fábrica de Fabricantes (FÁB DE FAB) came about as an architectural and digital manufacture educational collective in 2018, with Fabricio Santos, Álvaro Cosidó and Jose Real as founding partners. The firm applies parametric design and digital manufacture when making their 3D maps (FÁB DE FAB design) and Matsu & Matsu S lamps (Jose Real’s design). The pieces are made pursuant to sustainability parameters, with materials such as a heat-fused plastic called ‘PLA’ which is organic, vegetable and biodegradable. The rest of the elements come from local retailers, and the use of glues, screws, etc. for their assembly is avoided as much as possible. FÁB DE FAB post-processing is manual and the assembly is 100% artisanal. They design and manufacture the packaging themselves, which they also customise and recycle. The lamps are unique pieces, created in limited numbered series.

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